this arises when a company outsources the preparation of all or a portion of its salaries and wages to our company for preparation.
This service entails the performance of the following services:

  1. Preparation and production of monthly payroll incorporating changes approved by management.
  2.  Production of monthly transfer lists to facilitate the payment of salaries;
  3. Transfer of net salaries to respective accounts of staff if required;
  4. Production of monthly loans report for updating loan records;
  5. Production of provident fund contributions to facilitate update of records;
  6. Payment of statutory and other deductions to appropriate authorities by due date;
  7. Handling of personal income tax affairs of staff including tax relief and requests for tax clearance certificates etc.
  8. Issuing pay slips to staff; Responding to all payroll enquires; and
  9. Periodically accounting for monies received.

In providing this service, we use an Oracle based Integrated Human Resource Management System and Payroll Software that has separate facilities for handling Management and non-management staff salaries.


The following are the main benefits of our system:

  1. Payroll Integrity: Management of our Payroll System is done at the management level. Input for new employees and instructions for changes are implemented only if authorized by the appropriate person. This ensures that only properly authorized transactions enter the payroll system and thereby eliminates any potential for payroll fraud.

  2. Confidentiality: The system assures that unauthorized staff have no access to the payroll. There is therefore the opportunity for Management to reward deserving staff with different levels of salaries without creating a demand-pull.




  1. Savings in salary and related costs of payroll staff. These include employer social security contributions, provident fund contributions, other allowances and annual bonuses.
  2. Savings in software maintenance costs.
  3. Savings in stationery costs.
  4. Savings of senior management payroll supervision time and costs.