A A & K consulting services limited is a one stop Tax solution provider in Ghana. During the ten years of its existence the firm has provided hight quality services in direct and indirect taxation to both the Revenue collecting agencies and the Business Community in Ghana.
The uniqueness of the firm is that it is indigenous and has professionals with both local and international exposure; public cand private sector experience; some of whom have worked at the helm of Ghana’s tax administration.
As a result of the high quality service provided, the firm is sought after by high profile companies. In 2009 League of Top 100 Top Performing Companies in Ghana (Ghana Club 100), five(5)of our clients emerged among the top ten.

Our taxation services include:

  • Compliance
  • Advisory
  • Tax planning
  • Capacity building in Taxation
  • Payroll Management
  • Research & Advocacy


Taxation Services

  1. Statutory income Tax Compliance services made up of :-
    • Corporate tax compliance
    • Employee tax compliance
  2. General Tax Advisory Services made up of:
    • Updates on new developments and changes in legislation;
    • Interpretation of the provision of Income Tax Law.
  3. Tax Health Check and Tax Planning services.



The assignment under this subheading is made up of Estimated Assessment at the beginning of your company’s basis period and Final Assessment based on actual performance.

Estimated Assessment

  1. Provisional Assessment
  2. At the beginning of the Bank’s basis period, the Commissioner may provisionally assess the company as a basis for quarterly tax payment. Our responsibility will be to object to the assessment if considered excessive.

  3. Self-Assessment
  4. Where the Company has been selected by the Commissioner to self-estimate the probable tax in the year of assessment a the beginning of the Bank’s basis period. In this case our task will be to assist in estimating tax due based on your annual budget and revising the estimates throughout the year to avoid under estimation which attracts severe penalties.

  5. Final returns
  6. This involves preparation of the final tax computations based on the relevant financial statements and filing the computations and final returns together with other supporting information with Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  7. Employee Withholding Taxes
    • Assist in database set-up and issuance of Employee Tax Deduction Cards by IRS;
    • Generally supervise the upfront granting of tax reliefs to employees;
    • At the end of the year, assist in compilation of employee returns and filing same with IRS.
  8. Notification of Payment of Taxes
  9. To notify the company of the due dates for the payment of corporate and employee taxes.

  10. Liaison with IRS
  11. In all cases liaise with IRS in all tax matters to ensure smooth, quick and amicable resolution of disagreements, queries and disputes.


The General Tax Advisory Services shall include ongoing advice in response to instructions to be issued by clients from time to time. These include:

  • Proposed Business Transactions – We shall be pleased to advise you on the tax effects of proposed business transactions such as mergers and re-organizations which you refer to us;
  • Updates and interpretation – From time to time we will provide you with information on new development, changes in legislation and offer opinion on contentious tax issues when requested.


These are one off services required by clients. When invited we conduct a Tax Health Check to review the level of compliance with the company’s tax obligations. Tax Planning Service on the other hand involves helping in structuring of transactions within the confines of the law to reduce tax exposure. When the two services are combined the audit will provide a good insight into transaction which will form the basis of the tax planning process.

A A & K Consulting Services Limited organizes training seminars to update the knowledge and professional competencies of business managers, employers and employees alike on tax and management issues. We are also involved in capacity building for management and other staff of our numerous clients as part of in-House training programs in the area of tax and good management practices.
Our training programmes are mostly collaborations between Advocacy Institutions such as the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), the Ghana Chamber of Mines, the Ghana Association of Bankers (GAB), and Trades’ Unions to update the knowledge of their members on tax and management practices as well as policy advocacy issues.
Previous seminar topics include the following:

  • The New Income Tax Law (internal Revenue Act, 2000, Act 592) – Implications for business, Employment and Investment.
  • Taxation of Employment Income Under The Internal Revenue Act, 2000 and the Internal Revenue Regulations 2001
  • Corporate Tax and Value Added Tax – Practical Issues
  • Payroll Fraud Perpetration, Detection and Prevention – The Role of Personnel, Accountants and Audit Departments
  • The Changing Business Environment – Tax Implication of 2004 Budget Statement for Business Growth
  • Impact of Taxation on the Operations and Growth of the Industrial Sector in Ghana.
  • Managing Corporate Tax Affairs of Services, Commercial and Manufacturing Sectors

Our deliveries are usually tailored to suit the educational and professional background audience for each programme.